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In Camp

After a fun and active day spent on the river, it is finally time to kick back and do some serious lounging. Relax with our books, maps, chairs, pads, and pillows.

WARM EVENINGS: Our advice for this type of evening is "light, easy, comfort". And no one said you have to look like you just stepped out of the spin cycle of your washing machine. A few extra items in the dry bag can show some real "river style." Check out our shirts, shorts, pants, sarong, and dress selection in the Cascade Outfitters online catalog.

COOL EVENINGS: Some layers will help keep you comfortable on a cool evening. The comfort of a pile jacket, vest, or pants can't be beat. Or slip on some pile socks for that ohhh! so nice feeling for those hard working feet. You might add an outer shell pants layer as well. When it rains, all outfitters set up big tarps over the kitchen and near the fire to protect the evening's festivities. (All good dinner parties end up in the kitchen anyway.) However, a few layers and a rain jacket will help keep you warm and cozy. You can peel off layers depending on your proximity to the campfire. Check them out in our Cascade Outfitters on-line catalog

NICE EXTRAS: In camp you will need a beverage of choice and an appetite for the huge meal that will be prepared by your guides. You might also consider bringing a book from your summer reading list, a natural history guide, or a pair of binoculars to scan for wildlife. A portable game of some sort can also be fun -- there are many boatman that pride themselves on their backgammon skills.


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