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Warm Days

The perfect combination -- a warm sunny day and some bouncy whitewater. On a hot summer day on the river your main concern is protection from the sun. On a warm summer day you might consider some light layers.

THE BASICS: Shorts and a t-shirt. Simple enough? On river, we recommend you wear a lightweight pair of river shorts with a liner. These will dry quickly after they get wet -- and they will get wet! A simple cotton t-shirt works well for protection from the sun as well as making your PFD (lifejacket) more comfortable. Remember, if the sun dips behind some clouds you might consider peeling off that cotton t-shirt and adding a mid-weight fleece layer. You should always have a good rainsuit nearby. In camp, check out our cotton shorts in the Cascade Outfitters on-line catalog.

IMPORTANT EXTRAS:There are three important extras to consider for your hot summer day on the river: 1. Sunglasses and a leash; 2. A hat for sun protection (If you will be wearing a helmet, you will want a snug-fitting ball cap or visor. Make sure your ball cap does not have a button on the top -- it will dig into your head under your helmet.); and, 3. A pair of river sandals. Sandals will allow your feet to dry quickly and will be the most comfortable footwear. Check out shoes, hats and gloves in our Cascade Outfitters on-line catalog.

LAYER OPTIONS: Sometimes the water is just a bit too cold to be comfortable in just a t-shirt and shorts. On these days consider dressing in two light layers. Mid-weight fleece as layer #1, and a rainsuit or paddling jacket for your "barrier layer." Check out our Cascade Outfitters on-line catalog.


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