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Canyon Table El Grande

Made from lightweight aluminum; they have telescoping legs to quickly convert from a dining surface to food prep or workbench height. When you are ready to go, they roll up and store in their own sack. And they are equally at home in the local park as on a river trip. You can place hot pots on them without damage and they are easy to clean. A simple twist of the wrist adjusts the legs for uneven ground. 

The extra-long big brother to the Canyon Table, the El Grande will seat four guests and still leave plenty of room for food and drink. With a little less elbow room, the El Grande works great for a party of six, too.


* Dimensions (open)   27-33"x43.5"x27.5"

* Dimensions (closed)  28" 9.5" x 5.5"

* Seat height  28-33""

* Weight  12 lbs.

* Capacity  75 lbs.

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