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AIRE 156 Self Bailing Raft

    This 15’6” AIRE craft works great as a roomy 10 person paddle raft or a three person gear boat for those week long floats on the river. This gear hauler features 22”tubes and can handle a heavy load. This boat will accommodate up to 4 thwarts and enable you take all the luxuries of home, including the kitchen sink. The 156 incorporates the long continuous side panel with a curve on each end, similar to the Puma. While this size raft is most popular in the R series, it is also available in the diminishing tube “D” series.
Available in all three styles and six different colors.  
The popular ‘R’ Series rafts are the workhorses of the AIRE fleet. These boats are ideal for carrying people and cargo. ‘R’ stands for ‘round’, meaning a traditional round boat design. ‘R’ Series rafts have a broader beam, large tube diameters and long waterlines making them the most stable of all AIRE rafts.
The ‘D’ Series rafts evolved from the sporty design of the Puma and Super Puma. The ‘D’ refers to the diminishing tubes of the bow and stern of this model.  The ‘D’ series design offers a maneuverable and responsive boat while being able to accommodate large loads.  
The ‘E’ stands for the ‘elliptical’ shape. The ‘E’ Series rafts feature a high rising, pointed bow and a squared stern.  The squared stern makes a nice platform for the paddle captain. Our ‘E’ Series rafts rise 2 inches higher in the bow than our ‘R’ series rafts. ‘E’ series boats have a slightly narrower beam and smaller diameter tubes.
Available in 5 different colors.  No-Fault, 10-year warranty.

Product #: 0125-C

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