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New Wave 2 - Self Bailing Floor, Maravia

If you are not hung up on color choices or need an in-between length, the New Waves are for you. Built with the same strong base material and coated with the same tough urethane as all Maravias, these rafts come in 12'6", 13’6" and 14'6" lengths.

All New Waves are Royal Blue with Grey thwarts and floors with construction identical to Williwaws, except that they have 3 main air chambers instead of 4 and no handles.

The New Wave 2 works for 6-7 paddlers or for 3 people and gear on oar trips. Each New Wave has attachments for three thwarts and comes standard with two. The flat one-piece self-bailing floor is six inches thick with drop stitch cores.

New Wave 2 Specs: Length is 13'6" Width is 6'3" Tube Diameter is 18.5" WEight is 116 lbs.

Product #: 0075-SB
Our Price: $4,995.00

Quantity:  New Wave 2 - Self Bailing Floor, Maravia

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