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The Idaho Paddler Book by Sean Glaccum

Inside Cover of the Book:

After running countless Idaho rivers and deciding to share all the info, it was time to pu tthe runs in some order to help the kayaker or rafter to find an adventure. But I did not want to ruin the adventure. Mile by Mile guides take out a bit of the “what’s around the next corner”. Giving too much information can take away from the experience. I try to give just enough to get you there and back, wet your appetite and have a photo to clue you into what to expect. I don’t have maps because some hand drawn map will only give you bad ideas of where you are, leaving you to fill in the blanks to your friends and fellow boaters. I wanted to show where the whitewater is, not the canoe runs. Some of the runs are first timers in a guide book and some are making another showing due to the fact that their rapids and scenery are out of this world.

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