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Small Wishy-Washy 24" by Partner Steel

If you've been on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, you understand how important personal hygiene can be. If you get sick in the canyon because someone didn't wash their hands after visiting the potty, you can be in real trouble. "Wishy Washy" hand washer from Partner Steel makes it easy, and you don't have to wash in someone else's dirty water or use soap in the river. Stainless steel unit clamps to the side of a bucket, has a pre-filter to remove large sediment from the washing water. Step on the pump, which forces water out the spigot to wet your hands, soap up, and step again to rinse into a second bucket or directly into a sump.

Small has spigot at 8" over bucket height, measures 7"x 30"x 3", weighs 4 lbs. Hand washers come in a vinyl bag.

Bucket sold separately.

Product #: 1478-SM
Our Price: $78.00

Quantity:  Small Wishy-Washy 24" by Partner Steel

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