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Regional Index of Easier Runs

Regional Index of Easier Runs

This is an index of rivers rated Class II+3 and below (at low and moderate flows only) listed in the geographical order followed by this book, with the briefer entries from our More Western Rivers section mixed in with the featured rivers which have their own chapters. In addition to covering the featured runs, many chapters also mention easy upstream and downstream runs (and even runs on tributaries); those runs are not listed in this index. (S) means shorter runs possible.

The term "easier" doesn't mean that these runs are without hazard. "Easier" refers only to the difficulty of the whitewater. Some of these runs are remote, some have log hazards, and so on. Take all necessary precautions. Note that runs rated Class II+ occasionally include one or two Class III rapids.

I. Idaho and Northern Rockies
Hells Canyon of the Snake: Pittsburg Landing to Hellers Bar. II3; 46 mi.
Lochsa: Split Creek Pack Bridge to Lowell. II+; 15 mi. (S)
St. Joe: Bluff Creek to Turner Flat CG. II; 13.5 mi.
      Packsaddle CG to Lake Coeur d'Alene. II, I; 69 mi. (S)
Moyie: Copper Creek CG to Meadow Creek Bridge. II+; 13 mi.
South Fork Payette: Danskin to Deer Creek. II+; 15 mi. (S)
Middle Snake: "South Fork Snake": Palisades Dam to Byington. II-; 41 mi. (S)
      Wiley Reach: Lower Salmon Falls Dam to Bliss Bridge. II+; 7.5 mi.
      Upper and Lower Birds of Prey Runs: Black Butte Boat Ramp to Walters Ferry Bridge. I, II-; 35 mi. (S)
Henrys Fork: Island Park Dam to Riverside CG. I-II; 16.5 mi. (S)
Upper Snake: Jackson Lake Dam to Moose. I-II; 25 mi. (S)
      South Park Bridge to West Table Creek. II-; 17 mi. (S)
Buffalo Fork: Turpin Meadows to above U.S. 287 Bridge. I+; 12 mi.
Greys: Sheep Creek to Lynx Creek CG. II; 22 mi. (S)
Shoshone: Red Rock Canyon and Lower Canyon: De Maris Hot Springs to Powell Highway Bridge. II3; 11 mi. (S)
Stillwater: Buffalo Jump Run: Old Nye Picnic Area to Moraine. II3; 8 mi.
      Lower Stillwater: Cliff Swallow to Firemans Point. II; 26 mi.
Gallatin: Jack Smith Bridge to Greek Creek. II+3; 9 mi.
Smith: Camp Baker to Eden Bridge. II-; 61 mi.
Dearborn: Wolf Creek to Missouri River. II+; 19 mi.
Missouri: Fort Benton to Robinson Bridge. I+; 149 mi. (S)
Blackfoot: River Junction to Johnsrud Park. II+; 40 mi. (S)
North Fork Flathead: Canadian Border to Big Creek. I+; 42 mi. (S)
      Big Creek to Blankenship Bridge. II3; 16 mi. (S)
Middle Fork Flathead: Bear Creek to Moccasin Creek. II+; 31 mi. (S)
      West Glacier to Blankenship Bridge. II; 6 mi.
South Fork Flathead: Big Prairie to Mid Creek. II; 31 mi.
      Cedar Flats to Upper Twin Creek. II; 15.5 mi. (S)

II. Colorado Rockies
Cache la Poudre: Kinikinik Run- Sleeping Elephant CG to below Fish Hatchery. IIp; 6.5 mi.
      Filter Plant Run. II3; 3 mi.
North Platte: Sixmile Gap to Pickaroon CG. II-; 9 mi.
      Pickaroon CG to Saratoga. I; 42 mi. (S)
Upper Colorado: Pumphouse to Dotsero. II+; 60 mi. (S)
Upper Glenwood Canyon. I; 8 mi.: Lower Glenwood and South Canyons - Grizzly Creek to New Castle. II+; 19 mi. (S)
Blue: Dillon Dam to Green Mountain Reservoir. II3; 21 mi. (S)
Eagle: Eagle to above Dotsero. II; 16 mi. (S)
Roaring Fork: Basalt to Glenwood Springs. II (III over 2,500 cfs); 26 mi. (S)
Crystal: End of Canyon to Carbondale. II (III at high flows); 7 mi.
South Platte: South Fork of the South Platte - Deckers to Confluence. II3; 15 mi. (S)
      Urban South Platte - Chatfield Dam to Globeville Landing. IIP; 19 mi. (S)
Taylor: Taylor Canyon Picnic Area to Almont. II+3; 7 mi.
Gunnison: Dominguez Canyon: Delta to Whitewater. II-; 43 mi. (S)
Animas: Lower Animas - Trimble Bridge to North Durango. I+; 11 mi.
Rio Grande: Ute Mountain Run - Lobatos Bridge to Lee Trail. II; 24 mi.
      State Park Run - Taos Junction Bridge to Pilar. II; 7 mi.
Rio Chama: El Vado Ranch to Big Eddy. II+; 31 mi. (S)

III. Canyon Country
Green: Red and Swallow Canyons - Flaming Gorge Dam to Lodore. II+ to I; 46 mi. (S)
      Desolation and Gray Canyons - Sand Wash Beach to Swasey's Beach. II+3; 84 mi. (S)
      Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons - Green River State Park to Spanish Bottom (Colorado River). I+; 120 mi. (S)
Upper Yampa - Little Yampa Canyon: Yampa Pump Station to Government Bridge. I+; 38 mi.
      Juniper Canyon: Government Bridge to U.S. 40. II3; 13 mi.
White: Rangely to Green River. II; 100 mi. (S)
San Rafael - Little Grand Canyon: Fullers Bottom to San Rafael CG I+; 15 mi.
Colorado: Horsethief and Ruby Canyons - Loma Boat Ramp to Westwater Ranger Station I+; 25 mi.
      Above Cataract Canyon : Potash Launch Site to Spanish Bottom (motorboat tow-out). I; 51.5 mi.
Colorado: Glen Canyon - Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry. I; 15 mi.
Dolores - Mesa Canyon: San Miguel River to Gateway. II+; 35 mi. (S)
Dirty Devil: Hanksville to Powell Reservoir. II-; 67 mi. (S)
Lower San Juan: Bluff to Clay Hills. II; 84 mi. (S)

IV. Southwestern Border
Lower Rio Grande - Colorado Canyon: Rancherias Creek to Lajitas. II+3; 21 mi. (S)
      Terlingua Creek to Talley. I+; 45.5 mi.
      Mariscal Canyon: Talley to Solis. II+; 10 mi.
      San Vicente, Hot Springs, & Boquillas Canyons: Solis to La Linda I+; 51.5 mi. (S)
Pecos: Pandale Crossing to Amistad Reservoir. II; 60 mi.
      Gila Lower Box: Redrock to New Mexico 92 Bridge. I+P; 20 mi.
      Arizona Gila Box: Old Safford-Clifton Road to Bonita Creek. II; 19 mi.
      Dripping Springs Wash to Winkelman. I+; 9 mi.
      Kearny to Ashurst-Hayden Dam. I+; 19 mi.
      San Francisco Clifton to Bonita Creek (Gila River). II; 24 mi (13 on Gila)
      Verde Camp Verde to Beasley Flat. I+; 9 mi. Childs Powerhouse to Sheep Bridge. II; 32.5 mi.
Lower Colorado Black Canyon: Hoover Dam to Willow Beach. I+; 12 mi.
      Topock Gorge: Park Moabi to Havasu Reservoir. I; 16 mi. Note: Various sections of the Lower Colorado below Topock Gorge offer up to 75 miles of easy floating; details in the Lower Colorado write-up referenced just above.

V. California
Merced: Foot bridge below Ned's Gulch to Briceburg. II; 6 mi.
East Fork Carson - Wilderness Run: Hangman's Bridge to Ruhenstroth Dam. II; 20 mi.
Middle Fork American: Greenwood Bridge to Mammoth Bar. II; 7 mi.
North Fork American - Big Bend Run: Shirttail Canyon to Clementine Reservoir. II; 9 mi. (S)
Lower American: Nimbus Dam to Sacramento River Confluence. I+2; 23 mi. (S)
Eel Several sections of the Eel and its forks offer easy floating. Details in the Eel write-up.
Trinity: Hawkins Bar to Weitchpec. II3; 39 mi. (S)
Salmon: Forks of Salmon to Nordheimer. II+; 4.5 mi.
      Wooley Creek to Somes Bar. II+; 5 mi.
Klamath: Iron Gate Dam to Scott River. II; 47 mi. (S)
      Note: A few other shorter sections of the Klamath offer easy floating; details in the Klamath chapter.
Smith - Main Smith: Gasquet to above Oregon Hole Gorge. II+; 6 mi.

VI. Pacific Northwest
McKenzie: Paradise CG to Prince Helfrich Boat Landing. II+3; 27.5 (S)
Clackamas: Lower Clackamas: McIver Park to Barton Park. II; 9 mi.
Sandy: Dodge Park to Oxbow Park. II+; 7 mi.
North Fork John Day: Dale to Monument. II; 42 mi.
John Day: Service Creek to Cottonwood Bridge. II3; 115 mi. (S)
Grande Ronde: Minam (on Wallowa River) to Snake River Confluence. II+3; 91 mi. (S)
Kalama: Lower Kalama: Indian Creek to Modrow Bridge. II; 5 mi.
Cowlitz: La Wis Wis CG to Skate Creek Road Bridge. II; 8 mi.
Middle Fork Snoqualmie - Upper Middle: Taylor River to Concrete Bridge. II+; 9 mi.
South Fork Stillaguamish: One mile below Granite Falls to Jordan. II; 8 mi.
      Jordan to Arlington. I; 8 mi.
Wenatchee - Upper Wenatchee: Lake Wenatchee to Highway 2. II; 19 mi. (S)
Methow: Carlton to Highway 153 Bridge. II; 11 mi.
Stehekin: Below Cascade Rapid to Lake Chelan. II; 10 mi.
Sauk - Upper Sauk: Bedal CG to White Chuck River. II+3; 8 mi.
Suiattle: Boundary Bridge to Highway 530 Bridge. II+3; 13 mi.
Skagit: Goodell Creek to Copper Creek. II+; 9 mi.
      Copper Creek to Marblemount. II-; 6 mi.
      Marblemount to Rockport. I+; 10 mi.
Hoh: Hoh Ranger Station to Oxbow Recreation Area. II; 21 mi. (S)
Soleduck: Hatchery to Salmon Drive. II+; 8 mi.
Elwha: Aldwell Reservoir to River Mouth. II; 5 mi.
Wynoochee: Wynoochee Dam to The Oxbow. IIP; 7 mi.
      Below Gauging Station. I+; 20 mi. (S)
Queets: Queets CG to below Lyman Rapids. II; 12 mi.

Excerpted from Western Whitewater from the Rockies to the Pacific
Copyright 1994 Jim Cassady, Bill Cross, and Fryar Calhoun. Reproduced in cooperation with Fryar Calhoun.


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