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12 Pack of Wag Bags

The WAG bag kit (Waste Alleviation & Gelling)  Each WAG bag kit contains an outer zip-close disposal bag, waste bag preloaded with Pooh-Powder, toilet paper and a hand sanitizer. Double-Bag System is made from a puncture resistant material. Our non-toxic Pooh-Powder gels waste, removes odors (no perfumes), and begins the decay process. Spill proof and Hygienic, WAG bag kits are degradable and are approved for disposal in any garbage can. Can be used in standard toilet when water or power is off. The WAG bag kits can be used with the PETT® (Portable Environmental Toilet) or by themselves while hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, or in an emergency. 

This kit is sold in a 12 pack kit.

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Quantity:  12 Pack of Wag Bags

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