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Large SandFree MultiMat-10'x10'

Developed for Military use CGear Sand-Free Rug minimizes Sand, Dirt & Dust carried into your outdoor environment through the unique, patented weave and construction developed.

Due to CGear Sand-Free’s patented technology, particles that once created a sandy, dirty & dusty environment disappear through the top surface to the bottom and WILL NOT COME BACK UP. Lay the Mat down and sand that falls on the Mat will fall through the mat’s weave unassisted by the vibrations caused from the wind or by your movements. If a big lump of sand falls onto the Mat, simply wipe your hand over it once and the sand will go straight through! CGear Sand-Free’s unique weave creates a -one way sift- ensuring sand, dirt & dust directly underneath does not penetrate the top surface, only the particles at the top go through to the bottom! FINALLY YOU CAN ENJOY THE OUTDOORS SANDFREE!

Large MultiMat is 10' x 10'. Mat is for larger spaces and has d-rings at the corners and half way down sides for staking down.

Product #: 1610-2

Our Price: $79.95

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